Sinew (noun): a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone; a tendon or ligament
Sinew (verb): strengthen with or as if with sinews

Stone: (noun):  hard, solid non-metallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material.

Sinew is the oldest form of string. For tens of thousands of years, small, close-knit communities used sinew to tie together their clothes, and fasten stone weapons onto wooden shafts. With sinew, our bodies are woven. With stone, we build a pathway connecting ourselves and our fiber art craft to the ancient work of our ancestors. The stone reminds us we are strong and rooted. With fiber art, we sinew ourselves together.

About the Artist

Currently making art and shipping from Ouray, Colorado!

I was raised an artist, told that everyone had some kind of art in them. It wasn't a matter of creating something, it was about opening up, and setting the art free.
With an academic background in archaeology and a passion for fiber and painting, I created Sinew & Stone as a conglomerate of all the art that I most frequently found myself setting free. In my hand-dyed yarn, there is theory, overthinking, uncertainty, square holes in the earth, tedious lab analysis, but there is also explosive passion, spontaneity, human connection, and vibrant hands stained with colors. It is my privilege to share these things with you.

With this yarn, what art will you set free?

-Meadow & Katya (head doggo!)

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In addition to dyeing yarn, and doing archaeology, I also host a podcast on textile history called The Woven Road